Here are some of our Iberico pork choices:

Sausage Links as shown: Andouille ~ Spanish Honey-Cinnamon ~ Spanish Chorizo ~ Salchichon

Sausages:  We make 6 handcrafted sausages designed to showcase the superior qualities of Iberico pork for sausage making and to please a variety of palates.

  • Spanish Chorizo – A classic Spanish sausage with plenty of smoked paprika and garlic. Made from a Spanish recipe.  A fresh sausage; not smoke.

  • Spanish "Country" (Salchichon) – A minimally spiced sausage designed to let the Iberico meat flavors shine through. The seasoning comes mostly from sea salt and black pepper.  Hickory smoked. 
  • Spanish Honey-Cinnamon (Butifarra Dulce) – An adventurous sweet sausage from the Catalonia region of Spain where it’s often cooked with apples.   A fresh sausage; not smoked.

  • Andouille – The Iberico pork elevates this popular Cajun sausage made with spices, garlic, and onion. Hickory smoked. 

  • Hot Chorizo – Instead of paprika, this Mexican-style chorizo has lots of ancho chile powder and cayenne pepper for those who like their sausages hot.  A good cooking sausage. Hickory smoked.

  • Country Sausage -- A Southern "Country" sage recipe with sage, but made with Iberico pork. Comes in smoked links and an unsmoked pan (bulk) sausage. 

  • Blended Sausage Base – Want to make your own sausages with Iberico pork?  We provide a coarse ground blend of lean, fat, salt, and curing salt.  The blend is cured for 48 hours in a cooler before packaging.

Smoked Dry-Cured Bacon – Our bacon is hand-rubbed with a mixture of salt, demerara sugar, and spices then patiently cured for 14 days intensifying the flavor before hickory smoking. Incredible flavor! Available in slabs or sliced.

Smoked Dry-Cured Pork Belly – Just like our bacon, this pork belly is hand-rubbed with a mixture of salt, demerara sugar, and spices then cured for 14 days before hickory smoking. It comes from the back part of the belly which has a slightly higher fat to lean ratio than the front bacon belly.  We also have raw (uncured and unsmoked) pork belly available by special order.

Iberico Pastrami – A good pastrami deserves Iberico pork!  Ours is cured for 14 days using a traditional pastrami recipe, crusted with seasoning, then hot smoked over hickory for at least 3 hours.   Vacuum packed ready to sous vide or steam before serving.

Pork Bundle – Make cooking all parts of the pig a culinary adventure with our half hog bundle. Package include pork chops, roasts, sausages, bacon, and more, plus hard-to-find items like fat for lard making. 

Hard-to-Find-Cuts – Pork cheeks; Smoked jowl; Osso buco (shank); Lardo (cured & seasoned fat that’s an Italian favorite); Pork skin (make cracklings or chicharrones); Ground fat (make lard or use like shortening or cooking oil); Leaf fat (makes great lard for baking); Pork liver (for pate’ or a great liver and onions dish); Pigs feet; Pigs head (make hog’s head cheese or souse).