Here are some of our Iberico pork choices:

Iberico Pork Steak – A customer favorite!  Easy and fast to cook.  Melt-in-your-mouth tender. Delightfully tasty.  You can’t stop eating these mini-steaks cut from the ham and shoulder.

Spanish Sausages – Our Chorizo Iberico is great for making dishes with sausage ingredients.  Our Salchichon Iberico is a simple sausage recipe that lets you experience the great flavor of the Iberico pork.   Try them both!

Smoked Iberico Bacon – Very tasty.  But the best part may be the bacon fat drippings.  A cook’s delight!

Iberico Pork Belly - Uncured – You can brine or season this trendy cut as you like.

Whole Pig Bundles – Buy a whole or half pig and save 30-35%!  Special bundles designed for families or restaurants.  Or a primal cuts bundle for those who want to cut up their own pig. 

Hard-to-Find-Cuts – Pork cheeks; Smoked jowl; Osso buco (shank); Lardo (cured & seasoned fat that’s an Italian favorite); Pork skin (make cracklings or chicharrones); Ground fat (make lard or use like shortening or cooking oil); Leaf fat (makes great lard for baking); Pork liver (for pate’ or a great liver and onions dish); Pigs feet; Pigs head (make hog’s head cheese or souse)


Iberico Roasting Pig – We offer sides (halves) of a roasting pig with the head and feet removed; works great in a china box roaster.  We also have some with heads and feet attached for those who don’t mind their meal staring back at them.