Here are some of our Iberico pork choices:

Sausage Links as shown: Andouille ~ Spanish Honey-Cinnamon ~ Spanish Chorizo ~ Salchichon

Sausages:  We make 6 handcrafted sausages designed to showcase the superior qualities of Iberico pork for sausage making and to please a variety of palates.

  • Spanish Chorizo – A classic Spanish sausage with plenty of smoked paprika and garlic. Made from a Spanish recipe.  A fresh sausage; not smoke.

  • Salchichon – A minimally spiced sausage designed to let the Iberico meat flavors shine through. The seasoning comes mostly from sea salt and black pepper.  This version made without added sugar or nitrites.  Hickory smoked. 
  • Spanish Honey-Cinnamon (Butifarra Dulce) – An adventurous sweet sausage from the Catalonia region of Spain where it’s often cooked with apples.   A fresh sausage; not smoked.

  • Andouille – The Iberico pork elevates this popular Cajun sausage made with spices, garlic, and onion. Hickory smoked. 

  • Hot Chorizo – Instead of paprika, this Mexican-style chorizo has lots of ancho chile powder and cayenne pepper for those who like their sausages hot.  A good cooking sausage. Hickory smoked.

  • Country Sausage -- A Southern "Country" sage recipe with sage, but made with Iberico pork. Comes in smoked links and an unsmoked pan (bulk) sausage. 

  • Blended Sausage Base – Want to make your own sausages with Iberico pork?  We provide a coarse ground blend of lean, fat, salt, and curing salt.  The blend is cured for 48 hours in a cooler before packaging.

Smoked Dry-Cured Bacon – Our bacon is hand-rubbed with a mixture of salt, demerara sugar, and spices then patiently cured for 14 days intensifying the flavor before hickory smoking. Incredible flavor! Available in slabs or sliced.

Smoked Dry-Cured Pork Belly – Just like our bacon, this pork belly is hand-rubbed with a mixture of salt, demerara sugar, and spices then cured for 14 days before hickory smoking. It comes from the back part of the belly which has a slightly higher fat to lean ratio than the front bacon belly.  We also have raw (uncured and unsmoked) pork belly available by special order.

Iberico Pastrami – A good pastrami deserves Iberico pork!  Ours is cured for 14 days using a traditional pastrami recipe, crusted with seasoning, then hot smoked over hickory for at least 3 hours.   Vacuum packed ready to sous vide or steam before serving.

Pork Bundle – Make cooking all parts of the pig a culinary adventure with our half hog bundle. Package include pork chops, roasts, sausages, bacon, and more, plus hard-to-find items like fat for lard making. 

Hard-to-Find-Cuts – Pork cheeks; Smoked jowl; Osso buco (shank); Lardo (cured & seasoned fat that’s an Italian favorite); Pork skin (make cracklings or chicharrones); Ground fat (make lard or use like shortening or cooking oil); Leaf fat (makes great lard for baking); Pork liver (for pate’ or a great liver and onions dish); Pigs feet; Pigs head (make hog’s head cheese or souse).