Skin and Bones

Our Glendower Farms whole hog bundles include slabs of skin from which most of the fat has been removed.  It’s ready for making pork rind, or “cracklin” as it’s frequently called.  Pork rind is much more than just a quick snack.  Here are 7 Ways to Use a Bag of Pork Rinds.  Our favorite idea from this article is grinding them up and putting them in a deliciously gooey grilled cheese sandwich.

With our pork skins, you no long have to sneak your pork rind from the local gas station.  You can make your own crackling—much better, of course—using instructions from this article.

Pork rind, or chicharrones, don’t have to be plain either.  Jennifer McLagan in her book, Fat, shares a recipe for Spiced Pork Cracking and a sweet Crackling Brittle.  These two recipes alone make the book worth ordering.  Also, here’s a link to a yummy British recipe for Spiced Pork Crackling Straws.

There are several ways to use the bones included in a Glendower Farms whole hog bundle:

  1. Make a broth or stock for cooking other dishes or even drinking.
  2. Use the broth or bones to make great soups.
  3. Use them in a delicious stew.
  4. Cook the flavorful meat left on the bone for savory dishes like neckbone and rice.
  5. Smoke them to add flavor to all of the above.
  6. Make your favorite dog very happy!

You can find directions for making bone broth here.

As most foodies know, the best meat on a bone-in cut is often next to the bone, and one of the best cuts on a pig is the loin, which lies against the spine. Most of the bones in our Glendower Farms whole hog bundle are neckbone and backbone with tasty bits of meat still attached.  Here’s a recipe for taking advantage of those great tasting tidbits.