Small pig, head on; 35-50 lb vacuum packed
$4.50 /lb.
Avg. 42 lb.


Most young roasting pigs are born in farrow crates and are weaned at 3-4 weeks of age into small crowded pens with concrete floors.  Our purebred Iberico pigs are born and raised in open pastures in large groups, so they have plenty of playmates and exercise.  They continue nursing their mothers until they are an average of 8 weeks old.  To minimize stress on the piglets, we wean them by removing their mothers from the pastures where the piglets were born.  By then, they have already begun eating and grazing with their mothers. When their mothers leave, we transition the piglets to a special high-protein diet.  The mothers are happy because they get placed in a new pasture with the boars and no longer have to nurse a litter of 20+ pound piglets every few hours.  The piglets continue to roam, play in, and graze the pastures where they were born.  These small pigs usually stay there until they are sacrificed for roasting pigs or moved to our grow-out pastures.

Our Iberico whole roasting pigs are sacrificed when they are about 20 weeks old and have a live weight of approximately 60 to 70 pounds.  The whole roasting pig carcass weighs about 40-45 pounds, plus or minus a few pounds.  Because the collagen level in these young pigs is still not well developed, the meat is especially tender and succulent.  You can literally pull it apart with your fingers.

These Iberico Roasting Pigs are a huge hit at a special event like a wedding, holiday party, or a large gathering of family and friends.  Allow about 1 to 1.25 pounds of roasting pig per person.  As of the fall of 2022, we are the only US source we know of for Iberico Roasting Pigs.  We have a very limited supply, so order or reserve yours now. 

Product Details

  • From purebred Iberico pigs naturally raised outdoors on our U.S. family farm with no antibiotics or hormones.
  • Left nursing their mothers until 6 to 10 weeks old, then placed on a special high-protein diet and given assess to high quality pasture.
  • Packaged as a whole pig. Ships with head and feet on.
  • Vacuum sealed and blast frozen hard; should maintain good eating quality for 6 to 12 months in your freezer. (Safe indefinitely while frozen.)
  • Order is packed in an insulated container for shipping and should arrive frozen or very cold to the touch.
  • Ships UPS ground within our 1-2 day delivery zones at our cost of shipping. Ask for a quote or estimate. (See our Shipping & Billing Policy.)

"We hope you enjoy this farm-to-table, nose-to-tail, slow food eating experience from our family farm."