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Eighth generation family farm pasture-raising Iberico pork for food-lovers and chefs across the Southeast

The Iberian pig is the King of Charcuterie.  That's why Anthony Bourdain deemed it "his favorite pork." Iberico pork is ideal for making cured meats, thanks to its unique, flavor enhancing high-oleic fat.  Experience locally grown Iberico pork at its best with the artisan Spanish sausages, dry-cured bacon, and tasty Iberico pastrami we make from the pasture-raised Iberian pigs grown on our North Florida family farm.

Glendower Farms is a family farm which raises purebred Iberian (Iberico) pigs on pasture.  Our foundation breeding stock was imported from Spain.  We grow our pigs slowly in an idyllic outdoor setting where they're allowed to graze, explored, explorer, root, wallow, and express all of their natural "piggy" instincts.  

Iberian pigs are known for their tasty and healthy high-oleic fat.  They are sometimes called “olive trees on legs.”  Until recently, these pigs were not grown in the U.S.  Now you can have this healthy and delicious pork shipped directly from our multi-generation family farm to your door.   We imported the pigs, so you don't have to import the meat!

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