The History of Glendower Farms

Once upon a time, in the 1830’s, a man named John Finlayson had a dream to work his own farm. He moved from South Carolina to a small community in North Florida settling on a beautiful property and beginning farming. He and his wife raised their children, who raised their grandchildren, who raised their great-grandchildren, and so on. Years down the line, I married my sweet husband and moved to this beautiful property. Our children love to tell that they are the 8th generation to live on the Glendower Farm property.

Brief History of the Iberian Pig and its Reintroduction into the U.S.

​The Iberian pig is unique in that it has undergone very little change for hundreds of years. It was selected centuries ago to provide high quality cured pork while thriving on the rugged oak savannahs of southwest Spain and eastern Portugal. And that is still its primary purpose today. Thus the breed stability of this heritage pig represents a valuable genetic resource in a swine industry that has been plagued with declining genetic diversity.