You Are What You Eat!

April 8, 2019

I've always been interested in good food. Food brings people together. Food fosters communication. Food brings comfort to a hungry belly (growling stomachs usually produce growling people). Growing up, I spent quality time in the kitchen with my mother making delicious special occasion desserts, or helping with our nightly meal. We always had well rounded meals, with meat, starch, and fresh vegetables on our plates.

My cousin, Anne, once said, “If I have to eat every day, I might as well learn to cook!” She made impressive, beautiful, healthy meals that any restaurant would be proud to feature. As I’ve aged, I’ve tried to pay closer attention to the nutrition I give my family. Not only do I want to give tasty treats, fill stomachs, and see people satisfied, I want to give nutrients that allow my family to be healthy and energetic, and to enjoy life to the fullest for many years to come.

Healthy food doesn’t have to taste inferior, AND IT SHOULDN'T! At Glendower Farms, we’ve recently been learning more about creating healthy food from the ground up. Healthy soil grows healthy crops. The plant contains nutrients that it gets from the soil. What if the soil is lacking in nutrients? If we are eating vegetables and fruits, how do we know they’re as nutritious as we think? We bought a Brix scale and were amazed to find many of the foods we were consuming were lacking substantial nutrition.

Why is a pig farmer talking so much about fruits and vegetables? Well, what do you think the pigs graze on in the field? Rye grass, oats, clover, millet, and other grasses that grow...out of the ground. We believe the health of our soil contributes to the health of our grazing crop. The health of our grazing crop contributes to the health of our growing pigs. The health of our growing herd contributes to the health of their special Iberian pork meat. We want to be sure the grasses we grow for our pigs to graze are high quality, nutritious, non-GMO, goodness that will produce healthy, happy, energetic pigs, who will in turn supply tasty, clean, healthy pork for you to enjoy.

Heather Boyd

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