Pork Belly, Cured, 2-3 lb. Slab (Avg. 2.5 lbs.)

Pork Belly, Cured, 2-3 lb. Slab (Avg. 2.5 lbs.)

Wrapped and vacuum sealed in a 2-3 lb. unit
$12.00 /lb.
Avg. 2.5 lb.


This is made from uncured pork belly, but we dry cure it for you, like bacon.  You may want to choose this cut if you are worried about a bland dish that’s a little short on seasoning, plus the salt cure has a tenderizing effect.  Pork belly is a current rage, and there’s none better that pork belly from an Iberian pig.  Our pasture raised pigs produce a belly of creamy white, tasty fat lace with lean.  This cut comes from the lower part of the belly and has more lean than the bacon just above it.  The internet and modern cookbooks are full of pork belly recipes, so find your favorite if you don’t already have one.  But, just as with our bacon, don’t forget to save the flavorful drippings rendered while cooking your pork belly.  Store them refrigerated in a light-blocking, sealed container for cooking and seasoning future dishes. 

Product Details

  • From purebred Iberico pigs naturally raised outdoors on our U.S. family farm with no antibiotics or hormones.
  • Slow grown on high quality pastures to boost anti-oxidants and omega-3 fatty acids; supplemented on grazing with a limited ration of protein supplement and non-GMO cereal grains.
  • Pre-cut and packaged in convenient portion and package sizes.
  • Vacuum packed to maintain quality and extended shelf life; frozen hard; should maintain good eating quality for 4-8 months in your freezer. (Safe indefinitely while frozen.)
  • Order is packed in an insulated container for shipping and should arrive frozen or very cold to the touch.
  • Ships UPS ground within our 1-3 day delivery zones for a flat $29 fee.  (See our Shipping & Billing Policy.)

"We hope you enjoy this farm-to-table, nose-to-tail, slow food eating experience from our family farm."


Purebred Iberico Pork